Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, 2018-01-24

Outreach, training and dissemination

The main objective of this work package is to disseminate research results and to raise awareness of society and policy makers towards impacts of climate change and needs to act. In order to reach the different actors in society and decision makers, the project will provide end-user tailored project information, training and knowledge dissemination in different formats/approaches: The project will
- Stage summer schools for (young) scientists.
- Deliver (training) workshops, conferences and possibly side-events to promote the exchange of scientific results from IMPACT2C among scientists, stakeholders and multipliers, such as journalists.
- Facilitate the participation in the summer schools and workshops of all EU members as well as the non-European countries participating in the project.
- Develop a website with details on the IMPACT2C project, as well as the progress of the different WPs (in close cooperation with WP1).
- Generate project dissemination materials: Create an atlas of the main results of IMPACT2C (e.g. climate change, impacts, and vulnerability, risk and cost maps), provide headline news, policy briefs and fact sheets, and promote the submission of peer-review manuscripts concerning the results of IMPACT2C.
- Cooperate with the Media for dissemination.


HZG (lead)


WP Lead Title Due Date
WP15 HZG D15.1. Final outreach strategy (framework/living document 30/09/2012
WP15 HZG D15.3. Workshops or conferences for different stakeholder groups 30/09/2015
WP15 HZG D15.4. Compilation of the IMPACT2C atlas 31/07/2015